Operation Wedding Dress – Week 2 & 3

So another 2 weeks down already and another week closer to the wedding!

I was due to do one post a week but last week was nightmare (whole other post!) that I ran out of time. So this is week 2 & 3 together!

Week 2
This week has not been too bad, it’s becoming more of a lifestyle than a chore which makes things a bit easier.

I was under the weather a little bit this week which has made it a little tougher.

Food –

The food has not been too bad this week. I have had a few indulgents this week but not gone overboard and been trying to keep on track.

I wont lie and say I healthy food is delicious all the time, I’m still struggling to find filing low calorie meals for my lunch time that can either be prepped in advance or heated using a microwave at work.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Exercise –

This week saw the treadmill time stepped up to 20 minutes a run, just over 1.8 miles. I ran 5 times this week only missing the 1 day where I was under the weather.

I am finding my recovery quicker and now have started to look at toning exercises for my tummy.

Overall –

Not a bad week at all, certainly getting easier though as the weeks go on!

I did however manage to put 2lbs on but I’m telling myself it’s fat turning into muscle!

Week 3

This week was a stressful week! Normally stress sees me reaching for the bad food however this week I took my frustration out on the treadmill!

Food – I’ve had a bit of an on and off week this week, not so much in eating junk but I’ve had a bit of a loss of appetite during the week which although it’s good in a way not really healthy though!

Exercise – like I said earlier stress has been taken out on the treadmill and I’m now running 25 minutes 6 times a week or about 2.3 miles. Tiring but quick recovery and it lets me run off my stresses.

Overall – week has passed by in a bit of a blur so happy that I stuck with it! Also lost 1lb off too!

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