Ordinary Moments – 18/10/15 – Proud parenting moments

Being a parent is one of the proudest things that will ever happen to you.

Your children will have this ability to make you so proud that you will feel tears build up in the blink of an eye.

On the blog I share their achievements at times and how they are getting on but at other times I hold it back a little.

Not because I’m not proud in the slightest but I don’t want people to read the blog and feel like I’m trying to just be smug in a “my children are amazing all the time” kind of way.

Of course to us the are amazing, the most amazing children in the world, every parent thinks that. But we do have times where they can be testing and naughty, it’s part of being a child!

Although the last few weeks have been a bit manic, the kids have been really blossoming at school.

Since starting back Kayleigh has moved up 1 band in her reading and Ethan has gone up 3. This is amazing and the both read things whilst we are out and about. However that has got us in a bit of trouble when on holiday and Kayleigh read a t-shirt that was aimed at adults! Kayleigh is a keen reader and has really come on with this in the last 6 months, along with it has been her writing and in her first spelling test last week she got 10/10.

We also have this little tradition in our house where when they move up in reading, we buy cakes (any excuse for a cake!) so I’m sure that is spurring them on too!

As well as their reading and everything else last week they both received special awards in their assembly. It’s not the first time they have received special awards but the first time they have both got one in the same day! This meant they were both invited to Golden Table that Friday for lunch, something that they were both so proud and excited about!

Ordindary Moments

I don’t think I can even put into words how proud they both make us. These is just this feeling that makes your heart feel like its skipped a beat and taken your breath away. Your heart feels like its so proud it may burst out of your chest.

The thing is, they have turned into these most amazing little people and I’d love to say that’s because of us however we just set them on the right path.. Their determination to learn, honesty and love for friends and family and each other has got them to where they are and there is no prouder feeling!


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