Our live out of a cupboard challenge

Nope it’s not we’re all going to live in a cupboard for a week but more to do with the food in our cupboard.

We would really like to be able to start saving money in the next few months so one area I’m going to start with is our food budget. I don’t think we have an excessive monthly budget but I do think we could use our budget a lot better and save some money using our ingredients a lot better.

So this week I am going to do the cupboard challenge. Simply buying fresh ingredients only (dairy, fruit and veg) and using up what we already have in the cupboard/fridge and freezer! We’re most certainly not going to starve as I not only have a portion of spaghetti bolognaise in the freezer but also a whole chicken, sausages and 2 packs of chicken breasts.

So if you have any budget meals that are made of things in your cupboard that would be helpful! Especially ones with pasta involved as that is the kids favourite 🙂

For now I’m off to clear the cupboards and work out what we actually have in them!

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