Our love of milk & our breakfast milk panna cotta with Cravendale

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In this household we go through so much milk in a week, I would say on average at least 12 pints a week between the 4 of us and that’s not including the carton of milk the kids have at school daily.

Since they were little both Kayleigh and Ethan have been given the choice of milk or water for their drinks throughout the day and even now most of the time they still prefer to drink these, Ethan is pretty much a milk monster!

Milk has so many vitamins and minerals I am relived that they enjoy it so much! Every dentist visit so far has come out all smiles as we have been told their teeth are in perfect condition and I’m sure some of this has come from their love of milk.

We have recently given Cravendale a taste and I have to say it is very delicious. It has a slightly creamier taste than normal milk and I think this comes from the fact their milk is finely filtered to remove even more bacteria etc. What I love is the fact it lasts up to a week which compared to most milk is handy if you don’t go through it too quick (not likely to last in our household!)


Another great thing about milk is it is so versatile and we use it so much when it comes to cooking too! From pasta bake to pancakes and not forgetting the sweet treats too like rice pudding!

I thought I’d get a bit more inventive when it comes to using milk though and give it a try in a Panna cotta however not just a normal Panna cotta but a breakfast milk flavoured one.

Now I know you are probably thinking I’m strange and have lost the plot (I have!) however this is a tried and tested dish.

Well not my dish, I saw it being made on The Great British Menu and I’ve made this recipe up adjusting multiple others however it does work and is delicious.

Breakfast Milk Panna Cotta Breakfast Milk Panna Cotta

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