Our summer holiday bucket list – #MVWBucketList

Our summer holiday bucket list – #MVWBucketList

The summer holidays are in full swing, though in typical British fashion it’s rained every day so far! This will be my first summer holidays at home with the kids as I have worked every one since having them.

It is a new chapter for us though with me now working from home full time, allowing us to try and pack as much fun into the summer as we can.

We have created our own summer bucket list:

Summer Bucket list #MVWBucketList

I think the kids believe we have won the lottery with some of the requests on the list however we have tried to get a great mix of things that don’t cost money, some are things we can do at home and others where it just involves heading out for the day.

We have been really lucky so far and have ticked a few things of the list.

Although we might not be rich this summer we are being clever with our pennies. We have used our Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get 4x their value in Pizza Express. Yes, it’s not the Pizza Hut the kids requested but its pizza and it will be free!

They are both lucky they won tickets to our local cinema so we will be heading there soon to watch Dispicable Me 3, again without spending much money!

For me this summer isn’t about spending a small fortune, it is all about making memories as a family in the best way we know how, having fun!

As for the kids, they are just pleased to be able to tick things of their bucket list as we complete each one!

What is your plans for the summer holidays? Do you have any tips for keeping the kids entertained on a tight budget? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.




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