Our week in one picture – 11/11/18

This week it has been a little bit quiet in our household. We have just been going about our everyday routine, to be honest and enjoying time as a family in the evening.

I have also downloaded Fornite to play with Ethan (we will ignore the fact he is better than me, I just need practice!).

Our household is a family of gamers, the kids love the usual Minecraft, Fornite and Roblox and Daddy Vs Work and I are gamers too. We have played lots of games over the years but mainly play just World Of Warcraft and Destiny 2, it is our way to relax and unwind in the evenings.

I’m hoping next year we are able to get some new computers and I am looking into the possibility of maybe streaming some of it too. Though Ethan has already told me I won’t be as popular as Dan TDM…

Anyway, this weeks victory is just a simple one of my first Victory Royal in Fornite. Ok, it was as Team Terror but it still counts right?!

Our week in one picture - 11/11/18


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