Our week in one picture – 16/12/18

Our week in one picture – 16/12/18

This week I have hardly taken any pictures, in fact, I’ve only taken 2 which were to remind me of something I needed to get.

So this picture comes from our drive home on Sunday night after our weekend away, it was not a particularly great image as it was taken whilst Daddy Vs Work was driving us home.

Whilst we were down in Devon we saw so many rainbows on our travels, every time you looked out into the distance there was one. To me, it shows calm after the storm and in our house, it has felt like a storm has blown through over the last few weeks. Time has been flying by so quickly we have hardly had time to think.

With us all being off for two weeks at the end of next week (one benefit for both working in a school!) I know we just need to take a step back from things for a while. Turn the alarms off and not worry about routines or plans. It just needs to be a complete break from our normal every day and one to recharge everyone’s batteries.

So this is my reminder of the calm after the storm is only a week away…

Our week in one picture - 16th December 2018


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