Our week in one picture – 18/11/18

Our week in one picture – 18/11/18

Another we have passed and we are back round to another post summing up out week in one picture.

The weeks this year really are just flying by and to be honest some days do feel like they are just merging into one, work and home life for us all is really busy and we seem to blink and the hours are gone.

Yesterday both kids had plans to go to their friend’s house (different friends!) however it meant that Daddy Vs Work and I had just a few hours the two of us. So we crammed as much into it as we could, making the most of the time alone to get started on our Christmas shopping.

It is weird whenever we are out and about with the kids as they are always with us, we try not to get other people to look after them if we can help it. After all, they are our children and we are responsible for them, however, it makes Christmas shopping really difficult!

We didn’t really have long so headed straight for the bits we needed to get and hoped to get however I’ve been a bit disappointed this year. Nothing is really jumping out in terms of gifts so there is still lots more to do.

Being on our own though meant we could stop for a quick hot drink and treat in peace!

Our week in one picture - 17/11/18

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