Our week in one picture – 21/10/2018

Our week in one picture – 21/10/2018

This week I am a bit late posting our picture up, usually, it is up first thing in the morning however we have taken a break this weekend and done not a lot of anything!

Just enjoyed chilling out and relaxing as we head into the half term break, with lots coming up it was nice to slow down a little.

Last weekend was very busy and it was lovely to meet up with the whole family as we celebrated my parents 30th wedding anniversary. It is unusual for everyone to get together as we are usually all busy with one thing or another! We had a good catch up, looked at some old wedding pictures of the parents and it was lovely for all the grandkids to get together 🙂

I did take my big camera out for a change and it was nice to be able to capture some pictures of things other than sunrises (though sunrises are easier to capture!).

This is one of my favourite pictures of Ethan as he was playing sardines (apparently it is like hide and seek however only one person hides and then when they get found, the person that found them hides with them squeezing in like sardines…) never heard of it before last weekend!

Our week in one picture - 21/10/2018


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