Our week in one picture – 28/07/19

Happy Sunday everyone, we are back with another picture that sums up our week.

I’ve taken a few pictures this week, lots of them have just been of the kids mucking around or part of our building work that is going on. This week though I have decided to go with this picture as I think it just sums up these two.

Our week in one picture - 28th July 2019

When we found out we were expecting a boy with Ethan, I was unsure what to expect when they were growing up. I just assumed being one boy and one girl that they would like different things and not really want to spend too much time together. However, I couldn’t be more wrong!

They are best buddies, most of the time!

When they are at school, they spend a lot of time apart as they have their own circle of friends. Then once they are out of school they have a good old natter like old biddies and then go off and spend the rest of their time together. They have very similar interests and their personalities are very similar but at the same time they are very different. I think this is what makes their relationship as close as it is.

I hope as they grow up and go through high school and beyond that they continue their relationship as it is, even as their friends come and go.

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