Our week in one picture – 28/10/18

Our week in one picture – 28/10/18

This week has been a busy week with the half term here and Kayleigh’s birthday. I had my big camera out a few times this week and have found it really hard to find a favourite picture, to sum up, our week.

We have been quite lazy for most of the week just catching up on housework and the usual half terms of appointments such as the dentists etc!

However, on Tuesday we did have a great day out over at Paradise Wildlife Park (a full review will be coming up on the blog next week). It was Kayleigh’s birthday and after a visit with the school, she asked if we could all go over. We even took her friend for the day too and they all had a great day.

Being the autumn half term it is a little chiller, however, the weather stayed dry for our whole visit which was great. We had such a lovely day and it was good to be able to just relax into the day and go with the flow, we walked miles that day and we all slept well.

I picked this one as my picture of the week – animals are just easier to photograph than kids!

Our week in one picture - 28/10/18


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