Our week in one picture –

Time for another weekly picture that sums up our week. I have hardly taken any pictures this week but the one I did take I am very proud of!

I have spoken before that I have started streaming games and it has been so much fun. Recently I have been getting closer to achieving affiliate status which may sound easier said than done, however, it has taken a little while to get to this point.

This doesn’t mean I have cracked streaming, in fact, I am a far way off this! This is just another step towards streaming a little more often and maybe taking a little income from it, for now though it is just for fun.Our week in one picture - 23rd June 2019

Although I enjoy streaming, it is not something I ever imagined doing. You have to be comfortable in front of the camera and happy to chat away to viewers, something that I find extremely hard to do at times. I hate the sound of my own voice and never watch any of my streams back, however, I am starting to feel a little more confident in the streams.

If you enjoy watching streamers play various games etc you can see me over on Twitch here.

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