Our weekly meal plan – 01/07/19

Our weekly meal plan – 01/07/19

Good morning and welcome back to our first meal plan of July! This year is flying by and it is hard to believe we are already into the second half of the year already.

Last week’s meal plan was a little all over the place and I’m not sure this one is going to be much better. We decided to take a last minute break down to Devon to see family so we are a little bit behind on everything at home at the minute. This week’s meals are a combination of family favourites and easy meals from the items we have in the house, I managed to book a delivery whilst we were away which is arriving today, however as I haven’t planned very well I don’t expect much to come from it!

With the warmer weather looking like it may be sticking around I think we may be heading more to salads and jacket potatoes in the coming weeks, as none of us eats as much in the summer!

Our meal plan –  01/07/19

Monday –

Freezer food – Playing catch up at home today so it is quick freezer food for dinner.

Tuesday –

Chicken dippers and chips – Homemade dippers from the Pinch of Nom book, they are delicious!

Wednesday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – This is a simple dish but one I like to bulk out to ensure it goes further!

Thursday –

Jacket potatoes – It may be beans or even leftover bolognaise on top, all depends on what people fancy.

Friday –

Chicken curry – Nice and easy to make, hardest decision is deciding which one to have!

Saturday –

Homemade pizza – The kids keep asking to make these again so I’m looking forward to this!

Sunday –

Slow cooker chicken & salad – I was going to make a roast but with the warmer weather, we will have our chicken with salad.

It really is a week of easy meals for us but that doesn’t really matter as long as we all eat it! If you are after some more inspiration, make sure you check out our Pinterest and other meal plans.

Our weekly meal plan - 1st July 2019


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