Our weekly meal plan – 02/09/19

Our weekly meal plan – 02/09/19

Good morning and welcome back to our first weekly meal plan of September. I don’t know about anyone else but it seems like August just flew by!

We are all back to work and school this week so it is going to be a bit manic whilst we get ourselves back into a routine. To be honest, I am not ready to go back, I was enjoying being at home daily (even if it is a building site!). However, needs must and there are lots planned in the future that we are working towards so I need to keep pushing on.

This in mind,  I am going for a quick meal plan that is easy for preparing. I just want to get in from work and have dinner ready within half an hour this week.

Our meal plan –  02/09/19

Monday –

Chicken fajitas –  I have lots of peppers that need using up so this is a quick meal that does that.

Tuesday –

Mexican lentil boats – This is in the freezer from the big batch I made up a few weeks ago.

Wednesday –

Pizza & garlic bread – Frozen pizzas to use up, again quick and easy.

Thursday –

Chicken burgers and chips – Simple but delicious.

Friday –

Keema curry – I’ve not made this in a while so I am looking forward to this dish.

Saturday –

Cajun chicken and rice –  I have some spice kits in my cupboard to use up so looking forward to this.

Sunday –

Roast or pie – I’ll see what we are in the mood for nearer the time.

This week is not only about making life easier for us but also using up some of the contents of our fridge and freezer. We seem to have a lot of bits and pieces so I just want to run it down to stock up on things we will actually eat!

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Our weekly meal plan - 2nd September 2019


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