Our weekly meal plan – 05/08/19

Our weekly meal plan – 05/08/19

Last weeks meal plan was a little bit of a disaster! In fact, we only ate 2 of the meals planned and far too many takeaways…

I am just going to write last week off and start this week as a fresh week. We have been little pigs of late with what we have been eating so this weeks plan is to get more fruit and veg into us all and avoid the takeaways for the whole week.

Over the next few weeks, I also want to get our shopping bill back under control and try to be a bit more organised with what we are eating. This morning’s shop was pretty much on a budget so let’s hope it continues.

Here is what we are cooking over the next week.

Our meal plan –  05/08/19

Monday –

Chicken fajitas – I have wraps that need to be used today so I am making a quick and tasty dinner tonight.

Tuesday –

Cod in parsley sauce with new potatoes – We are trying to eat a little healthier and part of this is getting some more fish in our diet eat a week.

Wednesday –

Chicken katsu curry –  I had never tried katsu curry until a few months ago when I brought a kit from Asda on a whim, it was delicious so looking forward to this.

Thursday –

Mexican tortilla baskets – Another great recipe from the Eat Well for Less series, with no meat it makes it a cheap meal for dinner too.

Friday –

Chilli con Carne – I plan on making a big batch so I can freeze portions for later in the month.

Saturday –

One-pot chorizo and pepper spaghetti – This recipe from the Eat Well For Less series is one of my favourites from there so I can’t wait to have this.

Sunday –

Roast – This is all dependant on what I pick up when shopping so it may change.

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