Our weekly meal plan – 08/06/20

Our weekly meal plan – 08/06/20

Good morning and welcome back to another weekly meal plan. It seems just like yesterday I was writing out last weeks meal plan. It is strange how fast the time is flying by but at the same time, it feels as though it is dragging with the lockdown.

Last week’s meal plan went pretty well, we did treat ourselves to a takeaway pizza on Friday as we just wanted a treat. Other than that, we cooked everything else on the meal plan or moved things around on the meal plan.

Our homemade subway went down well, as did the burgers and hotdogs! I know these are not the healthiest of options, however, sometimes you just need to break the cycle with fussy eaters and start with meals you know they are going to enjoy. We are doing some of these dishes again this week but expanding with a few different dishes that they may not choose but hopefully will try. There was no BBQ either due to the weather, so fingers crossed for good week weather-wise so we can try it out!

Our meal plan – 08/06/20

Monday –

Hotdog & chips – I’m due in work today and never sure when I will get away so I have gone for an easy dinner just in case it is a long day!

Tuesday –

Fish & new potatoes – We have a selection of smoked haddock and cod so people can choose, cooked simply and served with new potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday –

Sausage & chips – Super easy and people can have an egg or beans depending on their preference.

Thursday –

Chicken fajita – This is Kayleigh’s favourite, she is a lot less fussy so I know she will love this.

Friday –

Fakeaway Subway – They are back on the menu!

Saturday –

 Peri-peri chicken wraps – We didn’t have these last week so looking forward to them this week.

Sunday –

BBQ – Though this could be a washout!

I’m hoping the few new meals on this go down well, adding to our family recipe choices. I know over time the eating habits will change and we just have to persevere, it would just be nice to have a few more options to pick from!

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Our weekly meal plan - 8th June 2020

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