Our weekly meal plan – 08/07/19

Our weekly meal plan – 08/07/19

Welcome back to a slightly belated meal plan!

After a hectic week, I went shopping without a meal plan or a shopping list! It wasn’t too expensive but we don’t seem to have much of anything in the house though. It was not my brightest idea that is for sure!

The plan is just to get through this week then get myself organised in the coming weeks. We are having a lot of housework in the coming weeks so we need to get a little more organised before this starts. To be honest, I have so much going on between now and the end of July, it is a little overwhelming, so just getting my meals sorted will mean one less thing for me to worry about.

For now though, here is what we have cooking this week:

Our meal plan –  08/07/19

Monday –

Take away – I was so disorganised I never planned today at all!

Tuesday –

Burritos – I have a portion of chilli con Carne in the freezer so this is an easy option.

Wednesday –

Chicken dippers – One thing the kids love so it is an easy dinner.

Thursday –

Pasta – This is an easy dinner and I will just make a sauce depending on what we have in the fridge.

Friday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Quick meal again as it is prepared and in the freezer.

Saturday –

Dinner out – We are at a family wedding.

Sunday –

Slow cooker beef Rogan – I picked up some yellow sticker beef, perfect for this lazy dinner!

Nothing really exciting and I think even I need to start looking at my Pinterest board for inspiration!

Our weekly meal plan - 08/07/19

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