Our weekly meal plan – 09/03/20

Our weekly meal plan – 09/03/20

Good morning and welcome back to our weekly meal plan.

I’ve been a bit distracted lately with the meal plan and have recently gone dairy-free which has made things a little more complicated. I know it is becoming more common for people to be dairy-free, however when you are used to making family meals with milk, cheese and cream, for example, using alternatives that the whole family like becomes a new battlefield.

For the most part, I am going to just try and avoid meals that need dairy in them and that should please everyone.

This week’s meal plan sounds a little safe, however, it is just important to make sure that we stick to it and I get a little more organised this week with our planning for next week. Over the coming months, I am going to work on cutting our food bill and the first way to do this is making sure we stick to eating what we buy!

Our meal plan – 09/03/20

Monday –

Pasta – Tonight is always a rush as the kids have scouts, easy dinner in our house.

Tuesday –

Salmon, potatoes and green beans – Simple but tasty.

Wednesday –

 Pork chops, mash and beans – Looking forward to this as I picked up some pork chops from Costco and they look amazing.

Thursday –

Birthday treat – It’s Daddy Vs Work’s birthday so he can dinner tonight.

Friday –

 Chicken curry – Friday night curry complete with poppadoms and naan bread.

Saturday –

Tacos – Help yourself and enjoy tacos!

Sunday –

Slow-cooked lamb shanks – I made these before and they were delicious.

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Our weekly meal plan - 9th March 2020


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