Our weekly meal plan – 09/09/19

Our weekly meal plan – 09/09/19

Good morning and welcome back to another weekly meal plan.

Last week was a little hit and miss, however, this week I am going to try and make sure we are cooking more from fresh. I don’t mind using premade items from the freezer however, I just feel a little bloated after. This week whilst I get back up to speed with working, blog and housework I am going to do a combination of frozen food and food we have prepared and frozen.

This should mean by the end of the week we have almost reset our freezer ready to go again. It should also give me a bit of time to find my rhythm again!

Our meal plan –  09/09/19

Monday –

Chicken pie & veg – This was due for the weekend but we never had it, the perfect meal for the colder weather coming in.

Tuesday –

Cajun chicken and rice – Still not used this kit up so this should be delicious.

Wednesday –

One-pot chorizo and pepper spaghetti – This recipe from Eat Well for Less is delicious.

Thursday –

Mexican lentil boats – Still got more of this to use up, a great dish to bulk make.

Friday –

Pizza – We have pizza in the freezer to use up this week.

Saturday –

Cajun chicken and rice –  I have some spice kits in my cupboard to use up so looking forward to this.

Sunday –

Roast – Cold weather is rolling in so we are going for a roast!

Nothing amazing however all meals that are tasty and quick. With the added bonus that lots of these are in the freezer already made and ready to go. Sometimes I find my meal plans inspiring, other times a little bland. However, this is the reality of our household. We are busier than others for some weeks and we just try and make sure we are eating healthy during the week the best we can.

If you are after a little more inspiration, don’t forget you can check out previous meal plans here. We also have a Pinterest packed full of meal inspirations here.

Our weekly meal plan - 9th September 2019 - #MealPlanning #MealPlan


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