Our weekly meal plan – 10/02/20

Our weekly meal plan – 10/02/20

Welcome back to another weekly meal plan. I don’t know if it is just me, however, it seems the weeks are passing by so quickly that I am just chasing my tail.

It is the last week at work/school for us as we head towards half term and to be honest, it can’t come round soon enough. I am feeling a little under the weather of late, partly to do with my health and the rest due to tiredness. I do love working in a school as I get the holidays off, however, in my role it is intense for 6-8 weeks at a time without the options to take a break. So in previous roles, if it was a period of high pressure you could take a few days off for a long weekend and recharge, it’s not the same here. I am however grateful for the breaks I do get with the kids though, so for that, I will suck up the stress and tiredness this week!

With that in mind, we are going for a simple week again. Last week we stuck mostly to plan but had a few days off-plan. This week though we will be sticking to the plan!

Our meal plan – 10/02/20

Monday –

Beans on toast – Starting with something a little different, some will have eggs depending on what they fancy.

Tuesday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Packed full of veggies too.

Wednesday –

Curry – Can’t beat a good curry, though I may cheat and use a jar of curry sauce.

Thursday –

Smoked haddock, new potatoes and green beans – Trying to get back in the habit of fish on the menu.

Friday –

Toad in the hole – Family favourite coming up.

Saturday –

Takeaway! – We are catching up with friends tonight so it is time for a takeaway.

Sunday –

Roast – I picked up a large yellow sticker chicken a few weeks ago which is in the freezer ready to go!

It’s not a week of exciting recipes however it is a week of yummy food that I know everyone will eat making my life that little bit easier.

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Our weekly meal plan - 10th February 2020


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