Our weekly meal plan – 10/09/18

Our weekly meal plan – 10/09/18

Good morning and welcome back to this weeks meal plan.

I think by now most of the schools are back for the new year and I hope it is not been too stressful! I’m back at work now and the kids are back to school so time is limited in the evenings and by the time this weekend rolled around we were ready for a break!

Last week I wasn’t particularly good at sticking to our meal plan and to be honest our shopping has got a bit ridiculous. Just popping to the shop for bread and milk is turning into a £10 – £15 shop as we end up buying bits we don’t really need.

With that in mind, I am making sure we stick to our meal plan this week and top up shops are reduced to just what we need. Over the next few weeks, it is going to get very hectic with after school clubs kicking back in so I am desperate to get us a little more organised in the coming weeks.

Here is what we have cooking this week:

Monday –

Chilli burritos – The kids are back swimming tonight so will have something to eat before they go, this is just for Daddy Vs Work and me.

Tuesday –

Peri peri chicken and wedges – I brought a shake in the bag type mix so looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

Wednesday –

Fish fingers and chips – Super easy but tasty.

Thursday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Easy as it is already cooked in the freezer so I just need to cook it through and add the spaghetti.

Friday –

Pancakes – I skipped this last week so it is an end of week treats this week.

Saturday –

Tuna pasta bake – Easy but delicious at the same time.

Sunday –

Roast – This will all be dependant on what in on offer when I do my shopping.

Simple meals for us this week but it is a key week in getting back on the meal plan but also reducing costs.

What are you cooking in your house this week? If you are after inspiration you can check out our other meal plans here.

Our weekly meal plan - 10/09/18

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