Our weekly meal plan – 11/06/2018

Happy Monday & welcome back to our latest meal plan. I hope the sun is shining where you are today, and it is starting to feel a bit more like summer!

Last week’s meal plan pretty much went as it should, we did switch a few things around, but it wasn’t too bad. We also had our Musclefood hamper delivered so we now have a stocked freezer. I always go with the create your own bundle as it suits us better as a family to pick what we will eat rather than random items. We then just portion it up and freeze it ready to use.

I’m a bit late organising our meal plan this week so hoping it goes to plan!

Monday –

Meatballs, tagliatelle and garlic bread – Simple but delicious!

Tuesday –

Chilli burritos – This chilli we made was pack full of meat and lots of veg and it tasted amazing first time round, we froze a portion which is perfect for burritos.

Wednesday –

Fish – Not sure quiet what type of fish yet however we have a few choices in the freezer.

Thursday –

Pancakes – Easy and quick as I have some birthday wrapping to do tonight.

Friday –

Pizza – It’s Ethan’s birthday so it is his pick for dinner and he has chosen pizza!

Saturday –

Lazy dinner – We are out for Ethan’s birthday celebrations during the day, so it is a lazy dinner tonight.

Sunday –

Sunday roast – This again will be dependent on what we can get when I do the shopping.

Nothing really inspiring happening on our meal plan this week however there is nothing to stress about which is what I like.

Next week I am going to try and have 1 new meal, start to get the kids trying different meals and hopefully breaking away from our “staple” meals!

What is cooking in your house this week?

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Our weekly meal plan - 11/06/18

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