Our weekly meal plan – 13/04/20

Our weekly meal plan – 13/04/20

Good afternoon and welcome back to another meal plan.

I have been avoiding the shops of late as I have been home with the kids whilst Daddy Vs Work has been working however we managed to get a delivery over the weekend which meant we could stock up on the essentials I am struggling to get from the corner shop or the greengrocers. We are doing ok mostly, I am trying to protect not only us but people we know by staying indoors as much as possible. We are not even going out for the 30 minutes exercising as I just think the least amount of time we are out the better as we are reducing the risk of passing something on or picking something up.

It is a bit of a strange situation though, it makes me realise how lucky we are with our way of lives such as deliveries and family etc. Let’s hope when we come out of this, people are a bit more thankful for the lives they have and appreciate them and the environment a bit more.

Now it is time for our weekly meal plan, I have gone for easy family favourites this week as I just don’t want the battles!

Our meal plan – 13/04/20

Monday –

Slow cooker lamb shanks – Our Easter meal from yesterday is happening today. This is such an easy recipe to do but so tasty.

Tuesday –

Chicken supreme – I have some mushrooms to use up so this is a great recipe to do that with.

Wednesday –

Fry up – Another easy meal but using up some leftover bits in the fridge.

Thursday –

Chicken and ratatouille – The last time I made ratatouille it was delicious and we had enough left over for pasta the next day, so we are doing it again.

Friday –

Pasta with leftover ratatouille – Quick, simple and yummy!

Saturday –

Salmon in a lemon and dill sauce – Trying to get a little more fish in our diets.

Sunday –

Chilli con Carne – Using up a leftover portion in the freezer.

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Our weekly meal plan - 13th April 2020


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