Our weekly meal plan – 14/05/2018

Our weekly meal plan – 14/05/2018

Good morning and welcome to our latest meal plan.

Firstly, where has the summer weather gone? It’s gone cold and grey again which is not good!

Anyway, back to the meal plan, last week went ok. We didn’t really try anything new but this week we are going to try a few more meals out and see if they become family favourites.

Here is what we are cooking this week:

Monday –

Salmon fishcakes – We are going to attempt to make our own fishcakes as we have some Salmon to use up.

Tuesday –.

Keema curry – The kids are not a huge fan of this however we will freeze the leftovers and have them at a later point.

Wednesday –

Corned beef hash – I saw a picture of this on Mummy Mishaps Instagram and it looked amazing so I am going to give her recipe a go.

Thursday –

Pancakes – The kids have a disco at the school so it is a quick dinner on the menu this week.

Friday –

Jacket potatoes – Maybe with beans or chilli, depending on what we in the mood for.

Saturday –

Freezer food – Using up something from the freezer depending on what we fancy!

Sunday –

Campfire stew – This was amazing last time we had it and there were lots of leftovers, perfect for the freezer or lunch!

I’m expecting we will be switching our meals around this week a bit however if we can avoid takeaways and trips to the shops for more food I will be happy!

What is cooking in your house this week? If you are looking for some inspiration you can check out what we have cooked in the past here.

Our family meal plan for 14/05/18

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