Our weekly meal plan – 15/04/19

Good afternoon, welcome back to a slightly later meal plan that normal.

It is the school holidays so all routines and plans pretty much go out the window and that includes dinners too! To be fair we’ve not had lots of takeaways, just the lazy pre-made food out of the freezer has been eaten up. So in a way it has done us a little favour there in clearing the freezer but we are going to just finish off the last of the bits this week before I put an order at MuscleFood.

This week’s meal plan is a simple one, just using up the last of the items we have but making sure nothing goes to waste! We are also trying to get back to a little healthier eating as our diet has not been great over the last few weeks.

Our meal plan –  15/04/19:

Monday –

Steamed fish – Still not eaten the fish in the freezer…

Tuesday –

Chilli Burritos – The left over Con Carne is in the freezer, just need to add rice and a wrap!

Wednesday –

Chicken flatbreads & wedges – Easy to make and super tasty.

Thursday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Again there is a portion of bolognaise in the freezer ready for this.

Friday –

Sausage, chips and beans – Tasty but with minimum effort.

Saturday –

Home made donner kebabs – This recipe is the one from Pinch of Nom which we didn’t try out last week!

Sunday –

Roast – Hopefully if Tesco deliver what I have ordered it should be roast lamb.

This week is simple but will be yummy regardless! If you are interested in more inspiration for meal plans you can check out our other meal plans here.

Our weekly meal plan - 15th April 2019


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