Our weekly meal plan – 15/06/20

Our weekly meal plan – 15/06/20

Welcome back to another weekly meal plan!

Our last meal plan went ok, however, I have been under the weather a bit so we have moved things around a bit and had a MacDonald’s as it was just one of those weeks. I am starting to accept that things do not always go to plan when it comes to dinners as sometimes life just gets in the way.

We have also decided that we are going to try and alternate a new meal into our meal plan every 2 weeks, not just for the kids but one for us two, over time we want to keep expanding our food choices.

Our meal plan – 15/06/20

Monday –

Takeaway – It is Ethan’s birthday today, so as per the tradition, he gets to pick what is for dinner.

Tuesday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Simply to do as it is already in the freezer, just need to defrost and serve with spaghetti.

Wednesday –

Chicken Rogan – I love making a curry at home, it is just one of those comfort dishes.

Thursday –

Chilli con Carne – This is my go-to easy batch cooking dish, it doesn’t always come out the same as I will throw in a few odd bits such as peppers etc if they need using up.

Friday –

Chicken pasta bake  – This is our first new meal to try out, fingers crossed they eat it.

Saturday –

 Pizza – Simple and quick, depending on how the week has gone we may make it, if not it will be frozen pizza.

Sunday –

BBQ – It is Father’s day so I will attempt to cook on the BBQ for Daddy Vs Work!

We have some family favourites on the menu this week, 1 new dish and some treats. It is a busy week for us with Ethan’s birthday and Father’s day however it is the perfect excuse to eat cake and spend time as a family!

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Our weekly meal plan - 15th June 2020


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