Our weekly meal plan – 16/04/2018

Our weekly meal plan – 16/04/2018

Good morning & welcome back to our latest meal plan.

Last week went to plan pretty much apart from moving a few meals around which was good. I managed to pick up some great yellow sticker items from Asda too which have boosted our supplies a little for the coming weeks.

We managed to have the chicken and chorizo risotto at the weekend, I didn’t really have a recipe I was following so made it up as I usually do. It was amazing, I will be popping that recipe up on the blog in the coming weeks.

Back to this week’s meal plan, here is what we are cooking this week:

Monday –

Fish – Not quiet sure what type of dish yet but it will be dependant on what we fancy today.

Tuesday –

Pasta & meatballs – super easy but very tasty.

Wednesday –

Sweet chilli chicken & rice – This marinated chicken came from our Musclefood order so looking forward to trying it.

Thursday –

Steak burritos – Again this recipe is out of a book that came with my Musclefood order and it looks amazing so can’t wait to try it.

Friday –

Freezer food – We will be using up something that is already prepared and in the freezer for a lazy meal into the weekend.

Saturday –

Dinner out – We are getting together with friends so no cooking tonight.

Sunday –

Beef stew – One of the things I picked up from my lucky Asda shop was a huge pack of stewing beef so plan to make a delicious stew in the slow cooker.

We are trying out a couple of new dished this week which I am looking forward to trying out, we are still trying to find some family favourites which everyone will eat but we will get there.

You can check out our other meal plans here if you are looking for inspiration.

What is cooking in your house this week?

Our weekly meal plan for the week 16th April 2018

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