Our weekly meal plan – 16/07/18

Our weekly meal plan – 16/07/18

Good morning and welcome back to our weekly meal plan.

It feel’s like the final countdown this week as the summer holidays are just days away, the kids are finishing on Thursday and I finish on Friday for 6 weeks! I know I am very lucky to have landed the role I am in, there have been sacrifices such as I can only take time off in school holidays and the pay cut to reflect the hours however I am very much looking forward to spending time with Daddy Vs Work and the kids without feeling the need to work this summer. I will be able to blog as I please really as it is for me now, not just to pay the bills.

With this in mind we are going to have an easy week with our meals then start to look at trying new recipes out whilst we are all off.

Here is what we are cooking this week:

Monday –

One pot chorizo spaghetti – This was on Eat Well for Less recently and it looked delicious and simple so we are going to give it a try.

Tuesday –

Chicken curry – We have a portion of our Rogan in the freezer, so we may have this or I could make a tikka masala depending on what we fancy.

Wednesday –

Sausage, chips and beans – Easy but tasty.

Thursday –

Take away – Celebrating the kids breaking up for the summer and me following the next day.

Friday –

Calzone – I want to try different dishes with the kids and this seems to be a popular choice with family recipes so I’m going to give a try. Katy Kicker has a great recipe which I plan to try out.

Saturday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – I have some leftover bolognaise in the freezer to use up.

Sunday –

Campfire stew – Delicious and a favourite of ours simple as you end up with so many leftovers it gives you a few meals and is good on the budget.

So this is what I am planning this week for us, what is cooking in your house?

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