Our weekly meal plan – 16/09/19

Our weekly meal plan – 16/09/19

Good morning and welcome back to our latest weekly meal plan.

We are back into the routine of work/school, well kind of. So now we are back to trying to cook fresh food more often rather than reaching for the prepared meals out of the freezer or the takeaway menu. There are still some bits in the freezer that we need to use up so I plan on getting through the last of those this week.

At the end of the month, we are going to need an order from MuscleFood too as we are running out of meat. I have always found it better to order our meat from MuscleFood as it works out the same or a little cheaper than the supermarkets however it is better quality so you use less in your meals.

Our meal plan –  16/09/19

Monday –

Chicken burgers – Quick meal after a busy day at work. This is using up the last of the shop brought burgers.

Tuesday –

Chorizo pasta – I am just going to use up some veg out of the fridge past its best and make our own spicy sauce.

Wednesday –

Keema curry – It has been a while since I made this as it was due to be in last weeks meal plan so I’m looking forward to having this.

Thursday –

Cajun chicken and rice – Still using up spice mixes in the cupboard…

Friday –

Chicken Rogan – This is prepared and in the freezer so it is an easy meal for us.

Saturday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Simple but a family favourite. Looking forward to this on Saturday

Sunday –

Roast or pie – This will be dependant on what we have in the freezer or can pick up from the supermarket.

Over this week I am going to start looking for family favourite recipes. There were a couple of tasty pasta recipes shared in our Foodie Friday Linky. Some of which I am going to add to the meal plan next week. I would like to try 2-3 new dishes a month, if not more. Just so we have a bit more of a variety when it comes to our meal plans.

If you would like to see more meal plans, you can check out all our previous meal plans here. We also have a Pinterest page full of dinner ideas too, so head over to have a look at those here.

Our weekly meal plaan - 16th September 2019 a


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