Our weekly meal plan – 18/06/18

Our weekly meal plan – 18/06/18

It’s Monday and that mean’s it is time for another meal plan already.

Last weeks meal plan was very hit and miss. We ate takeaways/out a lot and for it we are all feeling a little stodgy at the minute.

However, it is Monday and that mean’s it is another week to try again and hopefully be a bit better with our eating.

Monday –

Meatballs & spaghetti – Easy dinner after work/school but delicious!

Tuesday –

Chicken and chorizo risotto – One of my favourite dishes.

Wednesday –

Fish – Like last week I’m not sure what we will have yet but we have a few choices in the freezer.

Thursday –

Pasta – I have a few variations of the pasta we have so I’ll pick on the day and go with it.

Friday –

Keema curry – Delicious and easy to make.

Saturday –

BBQ – Lets hope the sun shines and we can get outside and enjoy it.

Sunday –

Roast chicken in the slow cooker – I love using my slow cooker to do our chicken as the meat just falls off the bone making it easy to serve and ensure you get all the meat.

You may have noticed this week’s meal plan is a bit lazy, to be honest I left it to the last minute to get organised so there is not much choices on offer! I need to get back into meal planning a bit better over the coming weeks.

When I don’t meal plan properly is the days we tend to reach for the takeaways which are not good on the waistline or the pockets!

I’m also on the look out for inspiration. So, if you know any good family friendly recipes suited for 2 fussy eaters please leave a link below, I’d love to find some new meal ideas for us all.

Don’t forget you can check out our other meal plans here to see what we have eaten in the past.

What are you cooking this week?

Our weekly meal plan 18th June 2018

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