Our weekly meal plan – 20/04/20

Our weekly meal plan – 20/04/20

Good afternoon and welcome back to our weekly meal plan.

A bit later than usual, I’m finding things a bit, well I don’t know, blah at the minute.

I know lots of people are and to be honest, I am just getting on with it as we are all in the same boat. However, when it comes to meal planning and food, I just can’t be bothered to cook at the minute! It is made a little harder now that we have been out of routine for a little while now.

Onwards and upwards though, we have a shop being delivered at the end of the week and with the restrictions on the number of items you can order we are going to have to be specific with the bits we would like. With this in mind, I am going to try and use up some of the bits we have in the freezer and make sure we are not wasting food, it does sometimes mean we have a few quirky meals but they should still be yummy!

Here is our meal plan for this week:

Our meal plan – 20/04/20

Monday –

Chilli con Carne – Easy meal today as this was in our freezer.

Tuesday –

Calzone – We are going to attempt to make our own, I’m sure they will be delicious.

Wednesday –

Salmon in a lemon and dill sauce – Didn’t get round to this last week so looking forward to it,

Thursday –

 Chicken fajitas – Been a while, looking forward to these.

Friday –

 Sausage, mash & beans – Sometimes it is the simple meals that are the best!

Saturday –

Tacos – Kids request, as long as we can get some salad bits from shopping this should be fine.

Sunday –

Slow cooker beef Rogan – Easy but delicious.

So there you have it, a pretty easy meal plan for the week but one that will hopefully not cause too many battles! What is cooking at your house this week?

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Our weekly meal plan - 20/04/20


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