Our weekly meal plan – 20/08/18

Our weekly meal plan – 20/08/18

It’s Monday, that mean’s it is time for another meal plan!

I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately, not for any particular reason, just enjoying being on the school holidays and being a bit lazy lately.

With the summer holidays coming to an end though we are trying to get back into a routine this week, no more breakfasts at 10 and PJ day’s for us (well maybe one or two!). I am also going to try and do a bit more cooking rather than reaching for the lazy options this week.

So what do we have on the menu this week?

Monday –

Pancakes – One for the kids as they keep asking!

Tuesday –

Chicken and chorizo risotto – This is a tasty dish that is easier than it sounds.

Wednesday –

Lazy dinner – We are heading to Pizza Hut for lunch so it will be something quick for dinner if anyone is hungry!

Thursday –

Tuna pasta bake – I love pasta, it is quick and cheap. This dish is tasty and enjoyed by everyone so that makes it a winner.

Friday –

Chicken kiev’s and chips – I brought some kievs a few weeks back whilst doing the shopping as we hadn’t had them in a while and they were delicious so looking forward to these.

Saturday –

Keema curry – I love this curry as it is quick but very tasty!

Sunday –

Roast – As the cooler weather is here I am looking forward to roast and stew season. This will be whichever meat is on offer when I do my shopping.

So there is our meal plan for the week. Nothing particularly fancy but meals the whole family will enjoy.

I am on the lookout for some tasty pasta dishes to try, the kids are not keen on dishes like macaroni cheese so I need something non-cheesy but family favourites. Do you have any that your whole family enjoy? If you do I’d love a link to the recipe in the comment below.

If you are after a little inspiration with meal planning you can check out our other meal plans here.

Our weekly meal plan - 20th August 2018

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