Our weekly meal plan – 20th June 2022

Good morning and welcome back to another meal plan!

Last week was a busy week for us and I had planned to get a little more organised this week but yet again that has not happened. I am finding that time is pretty limited lately and then by the time I get home I just can not be bothered to do much else than sitting on my bum. I am trying to get better and make sure that we are at least having something homemade for dinner, even if it is just jacket potatoes which are yummy when it is hot.

I am still on Slimming World, this week has not been great but overall I am doing good and starting to feel better for it too. It will take time to make it more of a better habit but I am making progress every day, just slow and steady.

This week is going to be a long week for us with work, so with that in mind, I have worked on a menu that is quick and simple to give us a chance of sticking to it. There are some classics on there and also some dishes that we have not had in a while, just to give us a bit of a variety.

Our weekly meal plan - 20th June 2022

Our weekly meal plan – 20/06/22

Monday –

Sausage, egg, chips and beans – Super simple but delicious. I am trying out some low-fat sausages this week to see how they are and I will report back next week.

Tuesday –

Pork stir fry – Keeping it easy tonight with a dish that allows me to use up some of the bits we have in the fridge that may be a little past their best. The best thing about a stir fry is being able to add in whatever you like to it!

Wednesday –

Homemade burgers and chips – I have been saying to the kids for a while that we are going to make our own burgers and this will be it. I have brought some chicken burgers for the kids, just in case they change their minds on the day. I am using the JD seasoning for burgers and I will let you know how it turns out.

Thursday –

Amatriciana – I have never had this pasta dish but it sounded quick and delicious after what has been a very long week!

Friday –

Freezer food – Keeping it simple today, as we have quite a bit of food in the freezer that needs to be used up, today will be freezer food day.

Saturday –

Jacket potatoes and salad – I am hoping today we will be able to get out in the garden and really crack on with it today so planning an easy dinner as we will be knackered!

Sunday –

Chicken curry – It has been a while since I made a curry, so I will try out one of the mixes from the JD Seasoning box. Depending on our plans today I may stick it in the slow cooker at lunch and let it cook itself.

It will be a pretty simple week this week as I try and get back into the routine of meal planning, cooking and life. All whilst trying to balance out so many other bits and pieces! Over time I do need to get a little more organised with everything else that is going on to make sure I can meal plan in advance rather than last minute.

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration for those reading this.

Our weekly meal plan - 20th June 2022

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