Our weekly meal plan – 20th March 2023

Good morning and welcome to our first meal plan for March and our first meal plan in a while!

Life has been a bit hectic at the minute and it is just a case of not having time to get myself organised or cooking, which is not ideal on the budget as we tend to reach for the takeaways. Going forward, I need to look at ways to have quick meals on the go, without needing to remember to defrost or spend too long preparing. It may be a case that we need to start looking to use our slow cooker a little more as it will just ease the pressure later in the day after a busy day at work.

The shopping bill seems to still be climbing which is a bit of a worry, as it seems everything around us is also increasing! We are just making the best of the situation we have as just like everyone else, there is not much we can really do about the rising costs.

Come the summer, we should be able to grow some of our own fruit and veg, which will keep some of the costs down a little. I am realistic though and know that I am not very green fingered and we only have a small patch of land to grow these.

Anyway, let’s get back to this week’s meal plan.

Our Weekly Meal Plan – 20th March 2023

Our weekly meal plan – 20/03/23

Monday –

Tacos – This one is always popular in this house as everyone has a favourite way of making them and it just means that everyone is eating the same meal.

Tuesday –

Tuna pasta back – It is back on the menu and hopefully go down well. It is usually one of the meals that does not leave any leftovers.

Wednesday –

Meatballs and spaghetti – I am not sure how this one will go down with the children but planning to freeze whatever we have left over.

Thursday –

Chicken kebabs – Homemade chicken kebabs, served with salad and sweet potato chunks.

Friday –

Burgers and chips – Keeping it simple today to make sure we can

Saturday –

Roast – We have switched our roast nights to a Saturday, it just makes the Sunday more relaxing! This week we will have roast chicken with all the trimmings.

Sunday –

Spaghetti bolognese – I made a huge batch portion of this last week and used up all the mushrooms that were on their way out, alongside the carrots and onions etc. This is a simple dinner as I just need to reheat this and cook some fresh spaghetti.

Our Weekly Meal Plan – 20th March 2023

There isn’t anything really exciting on the menu but we are making a bit of progress with the fussy eaters, for the first time ever, Ethan enjoyed a Chinese takeaway for Daddy Vs Work’s birthday. Now, we are not getting too carried away as it was only chicken balls, lemon chicken, prawn crackers and chips. However, it is further than we have ever got before, usually, he just refuses to try things out.

Switching our roast to a Saturday has been a great success, it just means that I am not standing around cooking for a few hours on a Sunday and preparing for the next day at the same time, but we still get to enjoy a delicious roast. One of my favourite things at the minute is having carrot and swede mash, with a little horseradish, delicious!

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration for those reading this.

Our Weekly Meal Plan – 20th March 2023

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