Our weekly meal plan – 25/03/19

Our weekly meal plan – 25/03/19

Good morning and welcome back to our latest meal plan. This weekend the weather has been lovely and it is looking to continue this week so hoping that spring is finally on its way.

Last week’s meal plan was a little hit and miss so hoping this week to stick to it a little better.

This weeks plan is to use up whatever we may have in the freeze, that way we can start with a fresh delivery from Musclefood ready for the coming weeks. We seem to have lots of odd bits left over in the freezer so it would be nice to clear those down before we make a new order.

Our meal plan –  25/03/19:

Monday –

Beef Rogan – I got beef out to try a new recipe I’m working on yesterday however didn’t have time to make it, so going to use the beef up today in a curry.

Tuesday –

Fish – This will be dependent on what we have left in the freezer. Just using up our freezer food now!

Wednesday –

Sausage, egg & beans – Again using up some left over sausages in the freezer.

Thursday –

Calzones – Never made these before but they look delicious so giving them a try.

Friday –

 Takeaway – We are switching to just one takeaway a month from now on for health and finance reasons!

Saturday –

 Spaghetti bolognaise – Quick and simple the weekend.

Sunday –

Roast or stew – As per usual

So this week is about using up what we have in the freezer rather than buying too much so hoping that we are in a better position to plan meals over the coming weeks too as we should have used up all the odd bits in the freezer.

What is cooking at your house this week? If you are still after a little inspiration you can check out our previous meal plans here or even look at our Pinterest for more inspiration.

Our weekly meal plan - 25th March 2019


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