Our weekly meal plan – 25/05/20

Our weekly meal plan – 25/05/20

Good morning and welcome back to our latest meal plan.

Firstly happy half term if you have children, we have been on the countdown to this and the kids are very pleased they have a week off work, as am I! It has been a long and busy few weeks so I am looking forward to putting our feet up this week and doing not a lot of anything. It would be nice to get out to the park etc however I’m not sure how busy our local one will be so we will stick to staying in where possible and see how it goes.

We did have our new garden furniture delivered a few weeks back so we have all enjoyed sitting outside having lunch and dinner together there. I’m just hoping the weather stays nice as it has not been that great over the weekend.

Our meal plan last week was ok, we mostly stuck to it other than moving a few days around for a sneaky takeaway. Also, our BBQ did not get delivered so we had to change the meals around there a little. I look forward to that arriving in the next few weeks! This week I haven’t really been that organised in getting ready for the meal plan, so it will mainly be what we have in the house being used up.

I do have my handy new meal planner magnet which I got from Amazon and love it, it saves everyone asking me what is for dinner and they can add items to the shopping list on there too.

Back to this week’s meal plan, here is what we are cooking this week:

Our meal plan – 25/05/20

Monday –

Pasta with homemade Mediterranean vegetable sauce – Planning on using up some of the vegetables in the fridge past their best.

Tuesday –

Toad in the hole – Didn’t make these last week so they are on the menu again.

Wednesday –

Chicken fajitas – I love these as they are just so simple to make.

Thursday –

Chilli con Carne – Easy dish as I froze a portion I made this week.

Friday –

Homemade haddock fish cakes – I am going to give something like this recipe a try. I’m not sure how they will go down but it is worth a try! 

Saturday –

 Lamb koftas & salad – Going to attempt to make these myself, I would have loved to BBQ them but it won’t be here in time.

Sunday –

Roast chicken, salad and rice – I’ll cheat and stick the chicken in the slow cooker so I just need to cook the rice and prepare the salad.

A very simple week, however with the weather about to change back to sunshine, I don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen.

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Our weekly meal plan - 25th May 2020


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