Our weekly meal plan – 25/06/18

Our weekly meal plan – 25/06/18

Happy Monday and welcome back to our latest meal plan. I hope the sun has been shining for you over the weekend as it has been here.

It has been hotter than I was expecting over the weekend which always affects what we eat, lets face it no one wants to be in a hot kitchen for a long time when it’s warm.

This week we are expecting more of the same, so I’ve gone simple and quick to cook meals that we can enjoy in the sunshine.

Here is what we are cooking:

Monday –

Pasta – Something simple as some of us are under the weather today.

Tuesday –

Chicken Fajita – I love fajita and they are a great way to use peppers and onions that are maybe not their best.

Wednesday –

Pancakes – Quick and simple but also one of the kid’s favourite meals.

Thursday –

Taco boats – These are a hit with the kids as they are able to make their own taco’s.

Friday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – I still have a portion of bolognaise in the freezer to use up so this is a good way to do so.

Saturday –

Sausage, egg and chips – Easy but tasty!

Sunday –

Slow cooker chicken salad – As it is likely to be warm still I’ll cook the chicken in the slow cooker and we can enjoy it with a salad.

Simple meals for what is set to be a hot week. Do you find your family meals change with the hotter weather? I find we all struggle with big meals during the summer.

I’d love to know what you are cooking in your meal plan this week.

If you are after some inspiration though you can check out all our other meal plans here, or you can check out meal plans of lots of other bloggers here on my Pinterest board dedicated on how to meal plan like a pro!

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