Our weekly meal plan – 26/04/21

Good evening and welcome back to another weekly meal plan.

The weeks are flying by and some weeks I don’t know where the days go. We have been very good though and have been sticking to our Slimming World. It has been going well so far, sticking to it daily with just our takeaway on a Friday off-plan. Now we have got into the swing of it, I don’t find it too hard to follow. We save most of our syns for the evening where we have our treats. If you are on Slimming World and wondering what to spend your syns on, this post on Slimming World syns is a great place to start.

For our dinner ideas this week we are going for simple food that we all can enjoy. They are all Slimming World friendly too.

Our meal plan – 26/04/21


Keema curry – Not had this in while but looking forward to it.

Tuesday –

Penne arrabbiata – We’ve had this in the past and it is delicious.

Wednesday –

Chicken with Meditteranean vegetables – Simple buy delicious.

Thursday –

Slimming World creamy ham and mushroom farfalle – I’ll be pressure cooking some gammon for this recipe which will use in this recipe and for salads.

Friday –

Takeaway – Friday nights are family time, we still enjoy a takeaway and a movie.

Saturday –

English breakfast – Picky dinner for everyone to pick what they would like for dinner.

Sunday –

Sticky beef noodles – Not tried this recipe before but I love noodles so hoping this will be a hit.

I’m not sure how this week’s meals will go, but I’m hoping the kids will at least some of them!

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration!

Our weekly meal plan - 26/04/21

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