Our weekly meal plan – 26/07/21

Good morning and welcome back to another weekly meal plan.

We are a week down in our summer holidays, however, very much enjoying the rest and relaxation. I am going to start working on some recipes for the food blog this week and this will include some new recipes, I am hoping over the coming weeks that some of these may appear on the meal plan!

We have no real plans for the summer holidays this year, there is a lot going on at home, so we are just going to take the days as they come. I am hoping we manage to get a few day trips in there and some of the house bits we want to get completed but that is it.

Now we are going to be at home for a while, we are going to be trying out a few new recipes for both lunch and dinners. I found in the last few weeks of term I was getting stuck eating the same dishes over and over. Whilst these were dishes that we obviously enjoyed, it has been a bit repetitive over the weeks. The plan is to look at our lunch options as I am a little bored of having just a sandwich or salad, there must be a way to make these a little more exciting.

Our weekly meal plan - 26/07/21

Here is what we have planned for the week:

Our weekly meal plan – 26/07/21

Monday –

Chicken chow mein – I haven’t made this in a while but I’m sure it will be a winner. I use the Pinch of Nom recipe and it is amazing.

Tuesday –

Vegetable balti – Not tried this one before but am interested to see how tasty it is. Hopefully, it will be popular with the kids too, though I am not holding out much hope.

Wednesday –

Tuna pasta bake – One of the kids favourites so hoping it all gets eaten!

Thursday –

Chicken curry – It has been a while since I made our Rogan curry so going to make one tonight with some naan bread. There is a great recipe in the Pinch of Nom book for naan bread.

Friday –

Pizza – Kids favourite, so always going to be a winner.

Saturday –

Chilli beef jacket potatoes – We haven’t had this recipe in probably about 18 months, so looking forward to something different for a change. The slices of beef make a nice change from minced beef.

Sunday –

Pick n mix dinner – I think for a change I am going to do a pick n mix dinner. I am thinking of some nice meats, crusty bread, salad and pickles. Yummy, I can’t wait!

I can’t wait to enjoy the break and get back into the kitchen this summer, as much as I have loved takeaways and lazy foods. However, my gut is not really such a fan. Hopefully, as we get back into the swing of things, the kids may even start to enjoy a bit more of a variety of meals.

Sometimes I think I worry too much about the kids fussy eating, you have to pick your battles at times. I’m hoping as they get a little more involved they will help make dinner times a little easier. They have a good diet most of the time, it is just dinner time that becomes the battle!

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration for those reading this!

Our weekly meal plan - 26/07/21

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