Our weekly meal plan – 28/10/19

Our weekly meal plan – 28/10/19

Happy Monday and welcome back to our weekly meal plan!

It is our first day back and school after a week off, so I can imagine we will all be tired by the time we get home today. After a week of taking things easy, we now have a long 8-week term until the next break and there is so much going on at home and at work, it is going to be very busy.

With that in mind, I have made this meal plan easy. There is a few meals straight out of the freezer for us and other meals are simple meals that we can get cooking pretty quickly, that require minimal effort really.

Last weeks meal plan was not too bad, we stuck to it mostly in fact. The Chinese style pulled pork was delicious, as expected the kids didn’t like it however it is on that we will be having again.

Our meal plan –  28/10/19

Monday –

Chicken burger and chips – Easy but delicious!

Tuesday –

Chicken Rogan – I batch made this on Friday so there is some in the freezer ready to go.

Wednesday –

Pizza and garlic bread – Another easy meal for us to enjoy.

Thursday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Yummy!

Friday –

Fish fingers, chips and beans – Haven’t had these in a while.

Saturday –

Chilli con Carne – I love making this as I can batch make it and pop it in the freezer.

Sunday –

Toad in the hole – A change from our usual Sunday meal but just as delicious.

Easy but a quick week for us here. I am going to spend my lunch breaks this week looking for some more recipes we can have as a family. It is a bit of a pain as Kayleigh and Ethan like different things so trying to make a dish we all like is a pain.

It is an easy week of meals this week but tasty none the less! If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plans here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration.

Our weekly meal plan 28th October 2019


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