Our weekly meal plan – 29/04/19

Our weekly meal plan – 29/04/19

Welcome back to our latest weekly meal plan! It is another week and our first full week back at school and work.

The last few weeks had flown by and we are recharged and ready to go the best we can, however, I am sure we are going to struggle to get back into the routine of school. Even if it is only a 4-week term before the next break!

Last week we stuck to the meal plan about 90% of the time, we had one additional takeaway but that was it. This week we are going to try even harder however I’ve still not placed an order with Musclefood so I need to make sure we stick to what we have in the freezer.

Our meal plan –  29/04/19:

Monday –

Pork chops & potatoes – We didn’t have this last week so it is on the meal plan again for this week.

Tuesday –

Pasta – Not sure quite what we will have with it but it will be quick and simple.

Wednesday –

Chicken with homemade wraps, salad and sweet potato wedges – Love making simple dishes and this is really easy.

Thursday –

Fish and chips – Last of the fish being used up today.

Friday –

Chicken and wedges – I brought some breaded chicken in the shopping last week so this is a simple one to throw in the oven.

Saturday –

Curry – We haven’t had a curry in the while so looking forward to making one this week.

Sunday –

Roast – This will be dependant on what meat is on offer this week.

Again this week is going to be a pretty simple menu but one that should break us back into the new term gently.

What is on your meal plan this week? If you are still after some inspiration you can check out our previous meal plans here or even head over to our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Our weekly meal plan - 29/04/2019


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