Our weekly meal plan – 30th May 2022

Hello and welcome back to another weekly meal plan, if you are on half term this week, happy holidays!

It has been a long few weeks and although I have tried a number of times to get back on track with the blogs and Slimming World, the last week has just not been my week to do it. Now in the past I would have just quit at whatever it may have been I was trying to do, made an excuse I don’t have time or something and left it. Now that I have changed my perspective on things though, I am planning to jump back on it this week and keep going with everything we have been planning to do.

The first thing in that is Slimming World, I actually got my first award last and then have not been on the plan at all. It has been a busy weekend with family things going on but rather than quitting now, I am just going to jump straight back into it this week. I’ll accept the gain at the weigh-in later in the week and then just plough on with it for the rest of the week and get myself back on track. I know this journey to healthier habits is a long one and there are times when I won’t be on track, but when that happens I just need to remember to jump straight back on it.

Our weekly meal plan - 30th May 2022

Then there is the blog, it has been quiet and I apologise for that. I also said last week I would have a competition up and that never happened either, but it will this week. With the break here, I plan to get myself back on it like I used to be and start getting ahead of myself for the content too!

Now, the meal plan last week was not perfect, though we did have some of the meals on there, it wasn’t exactly on plan. The Korean pork dish was delicious though and that one will be appearing back on the menu this week. I am hoping that this week we will be a little more organised too and stick to what we have planned!

Let’s get back to the meal plan and see what we have cooking this week.

Our weekly meal plan – 30/05/22

Monday –

Chicken supreme – I haven’t made this in a while but plan to pack it out with veggies to start getting us back on track.

Tuesday –

Tuna pasta bake – This is up there with the kid’s dinner picks, lets’s see if it all gets eaten!

Wednesday –

Korean pork and rice – It was delicious last week and so easy to make so I am looking forward to this one after Slimming World.

Thursday –

Fish in parsley sauce with new potatoes and vegetables – This dish never got made last week so I am looking forward to trying this one out.

Friday –

Takeaway – Sticking with what we like on the weekend!

Saturday –

BBQ – All being well, I am hoping for a quick BBQ with some nice chicken skewers and maybe even some homemade koftas.

Sunday –

Chilli Con Carne – I have a portion of this in the freezer so planning a quick dinner tonight.

I was not very well organised this week with the shopping so need to get a little bit better with the meals planned. The kids also need to get involved as Ethan is still as fussy as always and life would be so much easier if he ate what we were cooking!

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration for those reading this.

Our weekly meal plan - 30th May 2022