Our weekly meal plan – 7th August 2023

We are back a little later than usual but have another meal plan to get us through the week.

It is week 3 of the school holidays here and after a few weeks working at home, I am now on annual leave for a few weeks and looking forward to catching up on some of my recorded programs, getting some blog work done and cooking some new recipes in the coming weeks. I enjoy cooking so much more when I am not at work, it is not so much of a chore when I am off. I recently made Kinder fudge in the slow cooker, which was so good, so I plan to try and work on a few new flavours for this too. 

Hopefully, the sun will be out for a few weeks too, I want to get out in the garden and get it all painted and enjoy some BBQs! It seems after spending last summer creating a garden space for us to enjoy, the weather has other ideas for allowing us time to enjoy it this summer.

We do not have any Hello Fresh boxes this week so I am going to be recreating some of our favourite dishes from there plus a couple of our usual family favourites this week. Last week’s winner for me was the chicken in the peppercorn sauce, it was delicious and one I will be making again in the coming weeks. I want to also spend some time making some homemade bread too if I get a chance. Last week I made these gorgeous rolls from Apply to Face Blog, if you are looking for some delicious but easy rolls for lunch, give these a try.

Our weekly meal plan - 7th August 2023

Anyway, let us get back to what we have cooking this week.

Our weekly meal plan – 07/08/23

Monday –

Hotdogs and wedges – We have the same hotdogs from Asda when we have these, I mentioned them previously as they are a little more expensive than I would usually spend but it is so worth it.

Tuesday –

Chicken curry, rice and naan bread – I am cheating this time and using a jar of sauce, just because I am being lazy. I will be adding peppers and onions to bulk it out a little.

Wednesday –

Sloppy joes in ciabatta with salad – We are attempting to recreate the Hello Fresh recipe for this, it was delicious the last time we had it, so fingers crossed it comes out just as nice.

Thursday –

Freezer food – It is due to be a warmer day, so hopefully we can get some bits done in the garden. For ease, I am going to just pop some bits in the freezer after working on the garden.

Friday –

Chicken pie – I can not remember the last time I made a pie, so I can not wait to make this. For the record, my pie has a top and bottom, a bottomless pie, is not a pie! 

Saturday –

Takeaway – We are due to catch up with family, so taking it easy with a takeaway.

Sunday –

Tacos – This one is always a winner with the kids, they can create their own tacos and it allows them to be a bit more creative with what they add in.

Our weekly meal plan - 7th August 2023

There are some yummy meals on the meal plan this week and I can not wait to get stuck into some of them! In the coming weeks, I want to try and do a little stock take on what we have in the house too, this gives me a chance to use up things before they go beyond their best and saves a little on the shopping as we don’t need to order in quite so much.

What is your current family go-to recipe?

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration for those reading this.

Our weekly meal plan - 7th August 2023