Parental Responsibility?

Watching the events unfold last night i was shocked by what i was seeing happening only 40 or so miles from where i live. I could never imagine that would happen in our country in this day and age, yet here it was unfolding live on tv.
From what started out as a peaceful protest has turned pretty much into a war zone, but do you know the thing that shocked me most?
Youngest as young as 10 rioting!
I hadn’t turned the news on till gone 9 so my 1st thought was how late is was for them to be wandering the streets on their own. Then my thoughts turned to parental responsibility, surely as a parent if this was going on outside your house or in your area the 1st thing on your mind would be making sure your children were in the house & safe?
I would be appalled if either of my 2 at that age would even consider putting themselves in danger like that let alone take part in it. In fact i would personally hand them over to the police myself if i ever found out they had taken part.
Its basic morale’s, you don’t rampage through a city destroying people’s homes and lively hoods whilst helping yourself to things that don’t belong to you. Its not right innocent people are losing things precious to them that they’ve worked hard to get, just because your annoyed.
We as parents set our children up for life, maybe some need a bit more guidance than others but nothing is stopping anyone achieving great things, if they just had the love and support from their parents and maybe now more than ever its time as parents we take charge again and lead them to great things rather than self destruction taking others with them.

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