The passion & heartbreak of following your team!

Yesterday was pretty much a deflating day all round. Not only was there a lot going on with the whole competition saga but my team I’ve followed all my life was taking part in one of their biggest games for quiet a while. It all came down to the one game.

They lost. Heartbreaking.

Now I understand some of you are probably thinking its just a bunch of grown men, mostly over paid pre-madonna’s running after a ball. To an extent your right. However when your brought up surrounded by football it becomes part of your life. I grew up as a Luton fan, I was Junior Hatter & had a season ticket for many years, my parents & brother still go. There have been many times where we have sat in the rain (Yep the only part of the ground uncovered was where my seat was!) cheering on the team.

It’s not always easy being a Luton fan at times.

They get bad press. Lets clear one thing up straight away, those who go out looking for trouble aren’t real fans. Real fans of any team don’t go looking to bring the club into a bad light, it’s not what we do. I think the press seem to misunderstand the passionate fans & the thugs, we’re not the same & never will be.

Then there was the record hand down of 30 points deducted by the FA for financial irregularities. A huge deduction that’s never been seen again, that says it all really from the FA.

Add to that our beloved ground, yes it has history in abundance however it isn’t really fit for the purpose & we need to move, but where? The local council has done pretty much nothing to support a club that brings visitors to the town on almost a weekly basis with the games, as they don’t really care. Yet I guarantee that if Luton would have been promoted yesterday the council would have put on a huge parade for the whole press world to see.

So we’re in the conference again for yet another season, no doubt players will leave & we won’t have the finances to buy more but we’re used to it & will live to fight another day.

Football is a great community to be part of, from the youngsters playing locally from a young age up to professional players.

One thing I’m sure of, once a hatter always a hatter & yesterdays heart-break wont change that.

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