Please go back to sleep!

How many times are you woken up by a little one either standing right by your bedside or them climbing on you? Then you repeat those words over and over… go back to sleep, it’s not morning yet!

You see I think I fell into a false sense of security over the last few weeks, with the clocks changing and everyone being poorly it has meant we’ve not been getting woken up until at least 7.30 however this has all changed, thanks to Ethan!

Since yesterday he has become my personal alarm clock, 6am on the dot for the last 2 days! I wouldn’t mind so much if he sat in bed playing but oh no, Ethan has to come into my room, sneaking as he goes. Then waits till he’s standing right by my head and asking at the top of his voice “breakfast?” scaring the hell out of me!

Failing this, if he doesn’t get the answer he want’s he climbs into the bed and bear cuddles me. Which although its lovely he is getting a bit big for it.

Kayleigh and Ethan have always been great sleepers. They are both in bed and pretty much always asleep by 7 or 7.30 at the latest but they are always guaranteed to get up early! Even with a late night you know they will be up and grumpy early the next day. Nothing I do changes it.

I keep getting reassured there will be a day where they will want to sleep in… 3 1/2 years on I’m still waiting!

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