Potty Training – When’s the right time?

So Ethan is fast approaching 2 and that means 1 thing… Potty Training!

As always this brings up the question of when is the right time to do it. With Kayleigh everyone told me I should get her potty trained before Ethan came along (bearing in mind she was only a little over 20 months when he arrived!) so we tried twice and failed dramatically, the stress really wasn’t worth it.

She just wasn’t ready but instead of listing to my instincts I followed what others suggested and it just wouldn’t work, it never was going to as she just was not ready. We had tears & tantrums, plus lots of accidents, thank god for the stain removers we had!

So we waited until we felt she was ready but by surprise she started crying one day that she didn’t want to wear a nappy and she needed a wee & she just went on the potty. This was on a Thursday afternoon in March, the next day she went nappy free and by the Sunday she was dry with no accidents from there on. I will never forget as I was due back at work the following Monday and had said to my mum that week that we will put potty training on hold until i’m settled back into work.

Potty training at night took a little longer and by the September she was dry through the night but this was fine, like the day time we followed her lead.

Its not always been easy, there have been a few night time accidents along the way and its been a learning experience for us all but we’ve got there together J

So Kayleigh was 2 years 5 Months, if Ethan follows suit it will be sometime in September we tackle it again but this time I am sure to follow to do toddler lead potty training as this is the best way we found last time.

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