Pushy Competitive Mums

You hear about it all the time competitive mums in the playground and pushy parents making their kids into something they only wished of being.

I personally didn’t think of myself as competitive until I started blogging, it was only then that I was stat watching and wanting to be highly ranked. Since I’ve taken a step back from reviewing I’ve realised none of that matters to me anymore. Yes i know brands want to work with high rated blogs with huge unique page views (mine aren’t that bad by the way 🙂 ) but my blog isn’t for them, it’s for me and if they want to work with me for being me then that’s great, if they are after the stats and rankings then there are lots of great blogs out their which are very popular and highly ranked (most of them are probably on my google reader!)

Then that got me thinking what others must think of me. The pre-school for example are holding a christmas raffle and fortunately I have made some great contacts in my blogging time and was lucky enough to secure them some great prizes (more about that and the great company in the not to distant future!) and due to us having some lovely family and friends we managed to sell over 30 strips of tickets for the raffle but I do worry that other parents may think I’m trying to out do them and I am honestly not. I just want to do something for a pre-school that have helped Kayleigh out enormously whilst she’s been there and am lucky enough that I’ve managed to pull a few things off that I didn’t expect too.

I just hope that as my children grow up they will be fortunate enough to experience a wide range of things and have room to grow without me influencing them, I just want them to be themselves and be happy 🙂

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