Ready to let my writing speak for itself

Do you know when I write on here, I type as I speak. There is no guard up, I don’t hide behind fancy words (probably as I can’t say or spell half of them!) and if you was to meet me you’d realise I’m as I am on here just with a Lutonian accent.

Yet something about my blog keeps drawing people back (even when I have no competitions on!), ts over the last 12 months has started to build that confidence in what I type. Before I used to question the posts, were they relevant? Should they be more cheerful? Then I reminded myself, this is my place.Somewhere I can be me, without any fears of being judged, yes I know it’s odd considering I share my thoughts to thousands that I don’t feel judged.

But even stranger, when I write I feel a sense of relief if it’s something that has been playing on my mind. Like the whole issue with Kayleigh’s ears. Getting all my feelings out on here helped me make a little peace.

This has been on of the catalysts in me thinking about whether my career is in accountancy or whether it is in fact in writing or website building, something that I’m currently really enjoying.

Over the next month or so I’m really going to have a think about where to go from here & whether I can make a career out of writing, something I think I would really love to do. For now I’m going to keep blogging & guest blogging to keep the passion for writing going, who knows, you never know what’s around the corner!

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