Recreational Activities for Adrenaline-Fuelled Children

Unlike in the majority of career, the best and hottest professionals in sports are young people. Don’t let that fool you, though – they’ve been at it for decades. Whenever you hear of a success story from an athlete, you hear about how he found the love of his or her sport from a very young age, and have kept working on it since then. Kids will always hurt themselves when they are outside playing. Just because there is inherent risk in sports doesn’t mean that you should keep your child away from them!

When your child is fuelled by adrenaline, things get a bit scarier for you as a parent. The sports that they are in to are riskier, and can cause more damage if something goes wrong, but here’s the secret: they’re more than likely going to do be doing something risky anyway, even if they weren’t doing a sport. The best thing you can do is be supportive and get them some mentoring or some classes so that they can learn from those who know what’s up and how to do it as safe as possible. Trust in your kids!

Here are 4 recreational activities for your adrenaline-fuelled children to try today:

  1. Stunt Scootering

Stunt scootering is a relatively new sport on the scene of periphery of skateboarding. It requires a different, more robust and light scooter to the fold-up model that you might already have in your garage. Find the best branded scooters available from, who have everything from beginner JD Bug models to the ultra-lightweight jump and stunt friendly Sacrifice models. Take time and advice to find the right one to jump start your child’s stunt scootering career (and be sure to get a sturdy helmet, too).

  1. Surfing

Surfing requires great strength, resilience and great patience. While you may not have to worry about your child falling and scraping themselves, you do have to worry about undercurrents. Get your children good surf instruction so that they know about how to keep safe in the water. Surfing is a sport loved worldwide, and it’s one of the few that actively encourages people to travel, as ocean currents mean different experiences around the globe.

  1. Zorbing

Zorbing is an extremely fun activity for kids to do, and is relatively safe. It involves going inside a large, inflatable orb (or zorb) that is very much like a hamster ball. You then roll down a hill inside of it. It’s a perfect activity that will get your kid’s blood pumping and be a great treat every once in a while. This activity originated in New Zealand, the land of adrenaline junkies, so it’s guaranteed to be good.

  1. Parkour

Parkour has become very popular very popular. It allows children to do everything that ordinarily you tell them not to in an urban setting: running, jumping, climbing and sliding. Parkour involves “free running” through the urban landscape, avoiding obstacles by using physical and mental skills – making it seem like an effortless feat.

Having an adrenaline-fuelled kid is scary for any parent, but it is far better to be supportive. The last thing you want is your child going to extremes to fuel his adrenaline and then end up getting hurt and not wanting to tell you about it. Being supportive and directing his or her energy to these sports means that not only will you know what your child is up to, they will also have a welcoming community to join where they can meet friends and learn new tricks.

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